Hello, my name is Israa and I am the founder of Eco Glow.

In a nutshell, Eco Glow aims to provide inspiration for a cruelty free and sustainable beauty routine, wardrobe and lifestyle.


How It Started

All my life I ate fast food, obsessed over make up and fashion. In 2014, I got diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis a chronic illness and my life changed. It first started with food, I started making healthier choices and looking into where my food came from.

What I learned

It all became apparent to me, if I am only putting organic food and high quality supplements in my body, shouldn’t I be doing the same ON my body? I learned all about how toxic everything in the beauty and household industry is and decided that needed to change! I started using only natural and organic make up and body care. As a WOC I struggled to find shades that matched me and worked for my skin tone. Therefore, I will be sharing as many tips and recommendations for Green Beauty focusing more on products that work for WOC.

How It Came Full Circle

In the midst of my learning journey, I became aware of the unethical practices of the beauty and fashion industry from how they treat their workers to how they are damaging and polluting the planet. That’s when I started getting passionate about Ethical Fashion and living a sustainable lifestyle.