Alright so it’s been months since my wedding and I am finally posting about it. I wish I could go back, it was such a fun filled day! The food, the dancing, and you know marrying soul mate!

So let’s get to the part that you all want to know – how did I have an Eco-Friendly Vegan wedding?
The goal of my wedding was to have it be as Eco-Friendly and sustainable as possible but of course it wasn’t 100% zero-waste, again as I always say I did the best I can and I am happy with that. The venue Dashwood Garden was super helpful in making my vision come true.

Cocktail hour:

To minimize waste I used mason jars as a seating chart and so each person only gets one mason jar that they would have to refill for drinks. They also got a glass for water at the reception.


Guests were served, black bean sliders with garlic aioli, tomato stuffed cream cheese, mushroom tarts and an amazing assortment of crostini. Not the best pic – I took it while getting my hair done lol!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.58.39 AM

There were dispensers of Kombucha – Not pictured. & a tub of booch & Sparkling water.



Guests were also provided non toxic bug repellant bands since it was an outdoor wedding.

20170902_142759 (1)

Instead of a Guestbook we got our guests to take a picture with our polariod and sign it – we now have all the pics in a frame in our home :)



Our Wedding Favours

Our wedding favours were hand-crafted soy candles by Beaded Dreams in Ottawa. It was an honour to work with beaded dreams a Native arts & crafts store. Kim the owner was wonderful. He spoke to me on the phone and we exchanged many emails. Their candles smelled so great and I have a bunch at home since they are non toxic. I served them as is, to minimize the waste of packaging.


Let’s talk food

Our food was 100% vegan, organic, and local. Plant Matter Kitchen catered the wedding. They are located in London, ON. When I looked at what they stand for I knew they were the right vendor. I kid you not until this day people rave about the food at the wedding. One friend who is not vegan keeps saying it was the best wedding food she’s ever had.

“Let’s eat better. Let’s choose local and organic. Let’s choose better quality ingredients and food cultivated on farms, in the sun, and in nature. Let’s say no to pesticides, chemicals, extra plastic, and needless waste. Let’s rid our food and the environment of toxins, and let’s choose to sustain rather than to diminish. Let’s choose to align our actions with our values. Let’s choose compassion for ourselves, our families, our communities, and for every being on our planet. Let’s start making better choices, and let’s start with our next meal. Let’s put good food first.”



Appetizer: Creamy Alfredo & Buffalo Cauliflower



Sweet Potato Stack with mushroom gravy



Dessert: My favourite Part!! Chocolate lava cake with So Delicious Salted Carmel Ice cream


See I didn’t want to miss out on it I brought it to the dance floor!


Our beautiful wedding cake also made by Plant Matter Kitchen!


To minimize waste  (not pictured) we had a self serve coffee and tea bar. We only had hot water,  instant coffee and an assortment of teas. That way we didn’t make coffee or tea and have them wasted. We used silk creamers and everyone loved them! We also had cupcakes from The Boom Box Bakery we had so much left over so I posted on a Facebook group and gave away a few boxes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.02.39 PM

All about Me!

So to be honest my make up was conventional (not natural or organic), I was already so stressed out finding a make up artist in such a remote area! I didn’t want to add the stress of finding green beauty and shades that match me as well as products that will last an outdoor wedding! The only thing green was the honest beauty lippie that I used!

However, my bouquet and all the bridesmaids bouquet were made by Sola Flower. Sola is a small local business and I was happy to work with them instead of Eco Flower based in the US.

Natural sola wood is shaped into petals and formed into blossoms. With each arrangement uniquely designed, no two flowers will ever be the same.

Sola wood flowers are made from raw product and have natural variations and imperfections, allowing each blossom to appear realistic. They last forever!


Something Borrowed

Lastly, My dress was new but I did borrow my veil from a close friend.



Hope this post was able to help/inspire you when it comes to your eco-friendly wedding. Again, by no means was my wedding a perfectly zero-waste wedding but I did my best to minimize waste and have it reflect my ethics and morals.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my special day.