Since it’s wedding season I figured I would talk about my wedding events and how I tried to make them as sustainable as possible. A sustainable event can mean different things to different people to me it’s not about perfection, it’s more about doing the best I can. I was lucky to have a best friend who understands, supports and accepts my lifestyle therefore when she was throwing me a shower it was very seamless.



First let’s start with the food as that is the most important aspect. It was all vegan, mostly local and organic.

We had a build your own taco bar.

Pulled Jackfruit which many people thought was actual chicken when they first saw it.



Cumin Cauliflower


Homemade mango salsa

Cashew chipotle crema

Mexican Rice

Non-Gmo chips and Salsa

Locally made tortillas


Salad made with vegetables from my friend’s vegetable garden


Homemade Mint Lemonade sweetened with maple syrup.


Now as I said, I am not perfect but I try to do my best we did have plastic cutlery as it was the most convenient considering this was not hosted at my place. But we didn’t have plastic cups we had mason jars J.

Dessert we got from Little Jo Berry’s an all vegan bakery in Ottawa. We got doughnuts and twinkies


DSC_0192 DSC_0195


The party favours were hurraw lip balm which is all organic, vegan and natural. For the prizes I got 5 all natural bath bombs from burlap & twine – they are made with baking soda and essential oils totally forgot to take a picture of them but here’s a pic of the actual store! Everything there is so delicious. They have two locations one in Hamilton and one in Burlington I recommend you check them out – way better than lush!




Other than that my friend reused some decorations from her shower. Hope this helps when you are looking for ideas to throw a sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly bridal shower!