Black Friday feeds the devil that is mass consumption. If you have seen the video that has been circulating the internet showing the other side of black Friday such as sweatshops, child labour, environmental pollution you might think to yourself Holy Crap. But that’s just not only on black Friday, this happens every day. Mass consumption is the norm.

Before I got into ethical fashion and green beauty, I wasn’t the type to camp outside of a store or anything like that but I did partake into mass consumption and bought things on sale that I didn’t really need or even wanted, I just bought it because “HEY! It’s on sale!”

As you know, I love green beauty and ethical fashion and products can be really pricey at times. So this year I made a wish list of items that I wanted and then looked for suppliers who are ethical, local and share the same values as I do when it comes sustainability. I then checked out if these suppliers carried the products and if indeed they were going to have a sale that I can take advantage of. So not only am I supporting brands that have sustainable and ethical practices but also suppliers/distributors.

Here are the three stores that I bought my wish list goodies from.

Eco Diva Beauty

By becoming an expert at researching ingredients and their potential effect on our health and the environment, Garcy has become an eco-beauty guru. Together with her mom Charlene they created a company so that women everywhere can order the purest, most effective, sustainable beauty products available. Dreaming big and choosing to make conscious decisions inspires change.

shopping cart

Petal and Post

One of my favourite online shops because she is local to my city Toronto. The woman behind it is Toronto-based entrepreneur Jamie MacLean. Her mission is to bring us the safest and most high-quality, high-performing products that haven’t been available in Canada or the U.S.—until now. I found products on her site that would otherwise cost me a lot on shipping such as Lily Lolo and Studio 78 Paris.

What I bought: Brand Lily Lolo


Trust Fund Beauty

100% Vegan & Cruelty-free / Paraben-free / GMO-free.

All of their products are made in facilities that are certified, does not test on animals and does not use any animal bi-products, nor does their third party affiliates.  None of their production facilities is a subsidiary of any parents company that carries out any form of animal testing. Their goal is to create products that are ethical and to be the utmost least toxic as scientifically possible, while still maintaining the quality and function of the product.  Their Lipgasm liquid lipsticks are to DIE for however, they are 28 Canadian dollars each before taxes which is pretty pricey. I ended up buying the three colours that I wanted from their site and got 33 dollars off so I practically got one for free.


What I bought:


Now technically speaking do I need these products? Are they essential to my being? The answer is obviously no. However, I tend to live as consciously as possible, not buying products out of impulse anymore and never just shopping because it’s fun or because I am bored. These are products I have been wanting to try for a while as someone who loves to play with makeup and this is my take on it.

If you are going to shop, shop consciously and support businesses that are sustainable and trustworthy. I don’t regret spending a single dollar on these brands and buying from these suppliers. Remember you are the consumer, when you choose to give your dollar to an ethical company that’s a dollar towards sustainability and a dollar away from unethical practices.

Israa xo