Many of you may or may not know what sugaring is. I personally have been exposed to it all my life. This is something that every Egyptian woman knows of. Growing up that’s the only hair removal method I knew of! We even made it at home and sometimes I would eat it in the process lol! The ingredients were always readily available at home (only water, sugar and lemon) and therefore it was the most sustainable hair removal technique possible. More and more businesses are now offering sugaring and that is a smart choice! So what is sugaring you ask? Let me tell you!

What is Sugaring?

Body Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal practiced for centuries. The product is 100% natural and made with sugar, water, and lemon. Body Sugaring is 100% hygienic, unlike double dipping a stick like with waxing, body Sugaring uses a free hand method. The hand is covered with a glove and just enough product is picked up to treat your client and then discarded. Body Sugaring is a safe and much gentler form of hair removal.

 Sugaring Vs. Conventional Waxing?

Body Sugaring is 100% natural waxing contains chemical resins
Sugar does not support the growth of bacteria wax breeds bacteria in warmers
Sugar is water soluble wax is very difficult to cleanup and remove
Very minimal irritation to the skin wax can be very painful
Sugar is at body temperature wax is hot and can burn the skin
Sugar is removed with the natural growth of hair wax causes damage to the hair follicle resulting in breakage, trauma, ingrown hairs
Sugar paste only adheres to hair and dead skin wax removes a layer of skin and can be very painful
Sugar is safe on all skin types including psoriasis waxing is not
Post Sugar skin feels soft and comfortable wax leaves skin raw and irritated
Sugar has a long shelf life no sticks strips or solvents needed
The cherry on the icing is that it’s environmentally sustainable, vegan and cruelty free!

Where to get Sugaring done?

In Oakville, you can get it done at Bloom Organic Spa! This place is amazing and the sugaring product they use is organic! Nikki the owner is super knowledgeable and everything she has is made with top ingredients! You can learn more about the spa at

As well this is a super easy DIY!


2 cups sugar (white, granulated)
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/8 cup water


Mix the ingredients in a saucepan and turn the heat up to high.  You do not want this to turn red/dark.   If you heat it up slowly (simmer) for a long time, it will get dark.  If you heat it fast (boil) for a short time, it’ll stay light.   You want to boil it (not simmer) until it hits 260 degrees F (hard ball stage).  Careful: you have to watch the pot and make sure it doesn’t boil over and make a mess.  It’s OK if it gets a little hotter than 260 degrees, but you’ll be unable to use the sugar paste if it doesn’t get hot enough..  Get a candy thermometer to eliminate guesswork; they cost under $5 at your grocery store.  It takes about 9-12 minutes to boil out the water, depending on how hot your stove is.

The result is a supersaturated sugar solution.  The lemon juice (any acid will do) prevents crystallization of the supersaturated solution.   Let it cool back to room temperature. Once it’s cool you can use it! Store the rest in a tightly sealed container and store on a shelf at room temprature.