I have been on this healing Journey for a few years now. While things are much better than they were before it has been a roller coaster of “omg I feel normal” to “omg I have a horrible flare”. I have worked with quite a few health practitioners like doctors, naturopaths, dietitians, you name it! Some of them were great people that I saw for a while and others were people that I saw only once. It’s really important to choose the right healer for you because if you don’t you will not only be sick, you will be sick AND broke.

While there are many practitioners, in my opinion there aren’t many healers. A healer is not someone who is giving you the 45 minutes that you booked and prescribing you the generic protocol that anyone with your symptoms should take. A healer is someone who is aware that every single person is different. Just because you have Interstitial Cystitis doesn’t mean you need the same exact treatment as the next person who has it. They take the time to know you and genuinely want to help you because helping you brings them a sense of achievement, peace and joy. A healer is someone who is aware that every single piece of you is connected. This doesn’t only include your mind, body, and soul. It includes your childhood, your lifestyle, your surroundings, your personal baggage EVERYTHING. Because everything that affects our mind in a negative way will affect our body as well.

I have always knew exactly what I have and the connection between all my different conditions, my mind and my entire lifestyle. I just needed someone who saw the same picture and knew how to fix it. That was the hard part. Until one day my teacher Brett Hawes was speaking about how he treats his clients and his approach with those who suffer from autoimmune disease and inflammation and a huge AHHH moment occurred. This man he understands. He is a healer. He is my healer. The way he talked about disease, food, children, modern medicine, and the environment the more I knew that I was going to be in the right hands.

It’s never a cookie cutter approach but here are the qualities I look for in a healer and hopefully they give you some guidance and help you find yours.

They believe you and believe in you.
Most patients with chronic diseases are traumatized from their doctor visits. They have all heard the “it’s in your head” spiel. I started believing that I might actually be crazy because doctors are supposed to know more than you right? Wrong! No one knows what you are going through more than you. Luckily I did find a doctor who assured me that my problems are REAL and they have a name and a lot of people suffer from it (Interstitial Cystitis and Fibromyalgia mainly).

They have a holistic approach.
If you have inflammation in your bladder they won’t treat you with bladder supplements and/or medication only. They will dig deeper and try to figure out why your bladder is inflamed in the first place. They will look at your body like an ecosystem. That is something that Brett does and that is why he is a true healer.

They have believe in the power of love.
As cheesy and corny as that may sound, it’s very important. When you are trying to heal it’s vital that you are surrounded with positive energy and vibrations. The more positive people you surround yourself with the better you will feel. When I had a family doctor who dismissed my pain and was very negative towards me I would literally cry, panic and ultimately feel worse. If you are working with someone who cares for the planet, most likely they genuinely will care for you and want to heal you.

I hope this gives you some guidance into how to find your healer. I am so blessed to have found mine and our journey is just beginning. I am not becoming a CNP to be a practitioner. I want to become a true healer. To use my knowledge in helping and healing others, as I know what it’s like to suffer and be consumed and lost in your pain.